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Write Blog Tweak ‘device view’ on website and add SEO Order more looms and weaving tools (find money from somewhere) Make a healthy lunch (find healthy ingredients from somewhere) Schedule a million (approx) social media posts (find better scheduling app) Do tax (lolz) Stop neglecting Pinterest (groan) Apply for grant/s (set aside approx 400 years) Book appointments for IP Lawyer, Career Coach, Dentist and Therapist (extended session) Write those two proposals for new business initiatives and email through Promote weaving retreat….ffs…just get it out there already! Ignore distracting thoughts of flirtatious barista Update calendar in phone, diary and yearly planner SNYC EVERYTHING! Show that

Home Beautiful Hit my Rad Studio for a Day

I had the pleasure of having the Home Beautiful team in my studio earlier this year to shoot my studio and interview me about my practice. The article is fabulous..... I am thrilled! I also had the good fortune of having my practice featured in the November 2016 issue of Inside Out Magazine last year. Another great achievement and notch in my belt. Made even more satisfying by the fact that these publications approached me. HBM also make a RAD video of me in my studio... see it here Although these exciting moments feel big at the time in the end its all part of the slow drip feed effect of each promotional activity that goes into the bucket that is my profile. There have been other exciting

OK, So I Better Take it up a Notch (and get over myself)

Hi, Its me.... in all my glory. UNCOMFORTABLE MUCH So I have gone to chat with some industry pros cause I know that although I can work out how to do lots of things, there are some areas I AM TOTALLY LACKING! I met with the quite wonderful and generous VInh who sat me down, looked me in the eye and said 'You want to build your tribe? Well then get blogging girlfriend!'. So here it is (and will continue to be), raw and fleshy blogging (just like me). I plan on taking you through the journey that is my mind (insert terror of exposure here) and my creative practice (insert terror of exposure here) , how I juggle mental problems (yes I totally am a mental case) and my business and try to be as g

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