The Drip Feed Effect.


Sky Carter May 2017

 I had the pleasure of having the Home Beautiful team in my studio earlier this year to shoot my studio and interview me about my practice. The issue is not on the shelves (May 2017 issue) and the article is fabulous..... I am thrilled! I also had the good fortune of having my practice featured in the November 2016 issue of Inside Out Magazine. Another great achievement and notch in my belt. Made even more satisfying by the fact that these publications approached me. 


So what is the Drip Feed Effect I hear you ask? This is the slow drip drip drip of each promotional moment in my life that goes into the bucket that is my profile. There have been several exciting and impressive events in my (actually quite short) artistic career and each one has a similar impact on my presence in the minds of would be clients. I find iot quite fascinating that events like being in a magazine that has a large circulation and reach has the same positive impact on mt business as a weaving workshop for two in my studio. This crazy reality is the natural side effect of the many and varied avenues of promotion that exist today. 


The moral of this story is the big events are just as powerful as the small….. so keep on plugging away!


Sky xx



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Dear 2017, Im Ready. 


Sky Carter January 2017


A lot of people had Bad News in 2016, lets face it that year was a bit of a bitch so many of us welcome 2017 with (hopeful) open arms. 


My 2016 was peppered with some incredible life highlights and some intense internal workings that thrust me into a state of unexpressed grief for most of the year.  This is interesting to muse on from a creative POV as many assume that one produces their greatest works while in such a state...and yes I did that great Chicago piece, but being in a state of turmoil and sadness also means a lot of time just sitting and existing with no room for anything else. Soooooo I am definitely looking forward to an active and creatively inspired 2017 while also trying to knock over some personal goals. 


I have been blessed to find myself in an amazing new studio space which actually has space and merciful aircon.

I spent four wonderful years in my previous studio enduring four summers under a hot tin roof (where I was generally pink and puffy for three months of the year). Fibre art and heat are not comfortable companions. I also find myself in a position where I have four jobs/roles to juggle and I am planning to build a house in the Blue Mountains...lolz....I need a nap just thinking about what is ahead of me. Lucky I have wonderful bae to make me cups of tea when the catastrophising sets in. I certainly do not subscribe to the cult of 'busy' and don’t attribute any self-importance to the amount of busyness I experience (in case you haven’t worked it out extreme busyness does not make you more important, it just means your busy). This will be an interesting year no doubt.  


I have started working on what I am for the moment calling Sky Balls or Thingys. These are yarn wrapped organic objects that are helping me to explore some ''issues'' and are an attempt to create a sense of order. There are some other interesting notions in these objects surrounding the almost painful, intense and mundane wrapping process and the layering. Something both aggressive and gentle about these objects, they feel so nice in the hand but there is a certain underlying fullonness about them too. 


Oh, and yes, there are still going to be plenty of my Free Form Weaving Workshops in 2017. 




Sky x

Chicago Installation, July 2016


Sky Carter


A few short months ago I received a message on Instagram. Not so much a message as a comment on one of my posts…’what you doing this summer Sky?’. The message was from Irreversible founder (and all round amazing talent) Noor Blazekovic. She had been following my woven work through this platform for a while and always left a trail of enthusiastic and positive comments (I would soon learn that this woman was the personification of enthusiasm and positivity!).


I responded by emailing her and explaining that I was, in fact, in Australia, therefore coming into our winter, and I let her know what my plans were for the next few months. Before I knew it Noor had flipped those plans on their head and within a couple of weeks I had booked a ticket to Chicago to take part in the 10 year celebration of Irreversible. There was no way I was going to say anything but YES to this most awesome invitation.


I am a fibre artist who uses mostly weaving as my avenue for expression and I was tasked with making ‘something big’. It was heads down designing a piece for the exhibition, deciding which loom to use, finessing a concept and gathering materials. I needed A LOT of materials as the work was going to be 10 meters for ten years (that’s 33 feet). Looking back on that process and the creation of the work is somewhat of a blur. Let’s just say I chained myself to the loom, shut my studio door and became very antisocial. But of course it’s not that simple….. No great work is created with out the tears, tantrums, excessive ruminations, existential crisis and physical pain. So yeah, there was all that stuff going on (if you watched my kickstarter video you would have seen a pale drawn shadow attempting to promote her adventure! Luckily people saw past the ghost and my campaign was a great success, enabling me to get to Chicago).


So, to cut a long story short, I was asked and I said yes. This was despite the millions of questions and the many unknowns. The uncertainty and the moments of self consciousness about how I and my work would be received. The logistical issues of accommodation for a six week stay and organising a weaving residency at the Chicago Weaving School (I mean why go all that way and not squeeze out every ounce of opportunity, am I right!). Not to mention how was I going to sit on a plane for 18 hours! I listened to my gut, I said ‘yes’ and I made it happen.


Sky x