Want To Weave?


This listing is for:

1 x Meduim Loom (29.5cm x 25.5cm)

1 x Medium Tension Heddle (25.5 x 2cm)

1 x Medium Shed Stick (29 x 1cm)


Please note the loom does not come threaded but I am happy do this for you. Add this request in the note section when you are checking out.


Sky has designed her own range of attractive looms using sustainable bamboo and a local manufacturer. Based on a board loom design (inspired by cardboard) this is her preferred loom for weaving works up to 80cm in the body of a woven wall hanging. With smooth scalloped edges the loom is easy to thread and the design means it is also easy to remove your completed work. Sky’s looms are perfect for beginners to experienced weavers.


Loom comes with the Tension Heddle which allows the warp threads to sit away from the loom and assists in maintaining correct tension across the body of your woven work.


You also get the Shed & Hanging Stick. This dual purpose tool can be used to create a shed across your threaded loom (making every second woven row super quick to complete) and can also be used to hang your completed woven work from.

The small and medium sized looms are wonderfully portable. Large loom is perfect for embarking on your unique statement pieces.


Loom Sizes for Camparison (See other listings for alternate sizes).

Small Loom 20cm x 15cm

Medium Loom 29.5cm x 25.5cm

Large Loom 56cm x 43.5cm





Medium Loom with Tension Heddle & Shed Stick