OK, So I Better Take it up a Notch (and get over myself)

Hi, Its me.... in all my glory.


So I have gone to chat with some industry pros cause I know that although I can work out how to do lots of things, there are some areas I AM TOTALLY LACKING! I met with the quite wonderful and generous VInh who sat me down, looked me in the eye and said 'You want to build your tribe? Well then get blogging girlfriend!'.

So here it is (and will continue to be), raw and fleshy blogging (just like me). I plan on taking you through the journey that is my mind (insert terror of exposure here) and my creative practice (insert terror of exposure here) , how I juggle mental problems (yes I totally am a mental case) and my business and try to be as graceful as I possibly can in the process.

One of my first steps has been hiring a professional photographer to take some totes proper pics and it has elevated my visual presence no end. The beautiful Hannah from Hannah Morgan Photography did an amazing job at getting me to relax somewhat for a head shot or two. I am fine having my pic taken if I am doing stuff, but looking down a lens and trying to look hot, casual, intelligent, serious/not too serious and arty but not wanky is not my natural state.

When I look at the image above, like any woman in her 40's I ABSOLUTELY SHRED THE SHIT OUT OF MYSELF....and we all know that's not a nice thing to do to oneself is it! The irony is I actually have OK self esteem for a chic which means I just cringe instead of curling into the fetal position over sharing this image with you .... and I probs should not really go on and on and on about how awkward I feel............. BUT TOTES ORKIES!

More blogs coming with proper content...promise!

Sky xx

TL/DR - Had professional pics taken, spoke with a business coach.

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