Home Beautiful Hit my Rad Studio for a Day

I had the pleasure of having the Home Beautiful team in my studio earlier this year to shoot my studio and interview me about my practice. The article is fabulous..... I am thrilled! I also had the good fortune of having my practice featured in the November 2016 issue of Inside Out Magazine last year. Another great achievement and notch in my belt. Made even more satisfying by the fact that these publications approached me.

HBM also make a RAD video of me in my studio... see it here

Although these exciting moments feel big at the time in the end its all part of the slow drip feed effect of each promotional activity that goes into the bucket that is my profile. There have been other exciting and impressive events in my (actually quite short) artistic career and each one has a similar impact on my presence in the minds of would be clients. I find it quite fascinating that events like being in a magazine that has a large circulation and reach has the same positive impact on my business as a weaving workshop will have. This crazy reality is the natural side effect of the many and varied avenues of promotional options that exist today. You have to spread yourself around to reach your 'tribe'.

The moral of this story is the big events are just as powerful as the small….. so keep ill on plugging away and value the small moments as much as the large.

Sky xx

TL/DR - I was in May Home Beautiful Magazine

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