Todays List

Write Blog

Tweak ‘device view’ on website and add SEO

Order more looms and weaving tools (find money from somewhere)

Make a healthy lunch (find healthy ingredients from somewhere)

Schedule a million (approx) social media posts (find better scheduling app)

Do tax (lolz)

Stop neglecting Pinterest (groan)

Apply for grant/s (set aside approx 400 years)

Book appointments for IP Lawyer, Career Coach, Dentist and Therapist (extended session)

Write those two proposals for new business initiatives and email through

Oh Crap

Promote weaving retreat….ffs…just get it out there already!

Ignore distracting thoughts of flirtatious barista

Update calendar in phone, diary and yearly planner SNYC EVERYTHING!

Show that chick the available studio space

Drop of loom to Kylie


Order yarn: cream, bone, taupe etc

Clean studio ready for tomorrow’s workshop

Order latch hooks

Call that woman back (be chirpy and have a ‘smile’ in your voice)

Finish those three emails sitting in drafts

Ignore need to nap

Update email list

Order signage for studio building

Clean bathrooms in studio complex

Clean own bathroom

Schedule ‘sexy time’ with husband


Draft manifesto for Art Collective

Finish current weaving for Gaffa exhibition

Complete submissions for 2018 exhibition opportunities

Set goals for next 90 days

Ok, so Im being a bit melodramatic, and this isn't even the full list. Im sure ill get to the imperatives' and then let the rest organically flow from my mind and fingers. And of course its not just me....we all have the lists in our heads freaking us out!

Till next time peeps......lets all drink tea and relax a bit.

Sky x

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