Creating Special Experiences (With Special People)

It isn't really a revelation but I have realised (perhaps a little late in life generally) that It's all about the people you let in. And I am not talking about the loves of our lives or the BFF'S, but the others...the really awesome people you work with, network with, teach weaving to, collaborate with, your suppliers, your colleagues...the rest of the PEOPLE in your life.... For me, this is actually the MEANING OF MY LIFE! I'm lucky enough to have access to great people through conducting my various activities (running an artist complex, being part of a art collective and wicked, wonderful social media).

When I ditched the 9-5 grind (about five years ago) and embarked on my creative journey I had no idea just how important PEOPLE would be to my practice and life enjoyment. I naively thought I wanted to practice art full time so I could, well, you know, practice art full time! But its lonely in the studio... and I have come to realise my true highs come when sharing the creative process, sharing the experience of being an artist, collaborating as well as giving and receiving feedback. Don't get me wrong I also love a bit of ME TIME and I get quite enough of it and its very lovely but one needs to emerge from the creative hole on a regular basis.

Realising this has been a great motivator for me, I have teamed up with a wonderfully talented Foodie and Designer to organise a weekend away where I get to do the things I love; Teach, connect and be with fellow enthusiasts .... and.... EAT.

Wanda runs foodie events and also has the most divine collection of tableware that makes me squeeeee with joy. She is an example of how fortunate and motivated I feel when I hit the right rhythm with the right person and the resulting magic that can happen. (Wanda and I are totes excited about providing an intensive weaving and foodie experience and if you are interested you can read more here).

I will continue to weave my life into a shawl of people around me and hopefully collaborate more and more and more.........

Sky xx

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