Its Almost Xmas...So What?

In a previous life I was indoctrinated into the world of retail management, visual merchandising, sales targets, team rallying and optimising Xmas opportunities. I was very hard, but also very fun. So, now, in my relatively newish life as an artist with an art practice every time Xmas looms ahead I get a case of the 'guilts'. At the start of every year I always think 'next Xmas I will really optimise sales opportunities and do a million markets and make up all sorts of packs and have Xmas themed workshops ... yada yada yada'. When mid year hits I think, this would be a great time to start thinking about my Xmas strategy. And then I invariably start on an internal conversation where the dialogue is conflicted. Its a battle between guilt and not putting myself in a dangerous place mentally by loading more into an already busy life.

Basically (with my wonderful husbands blessing) I chose this life. I chose to risk my future financial security (leaving the full time workforce) for my future happiness in the hopes that the financial security will naturally unfold as a reward from the universe for following my heart. I chose to be an artist to create in the pursuit of fulfilment and satisfaction through expression and not to be led by the desire to be 'well off'. Of course I like money and its important (and money is part of the pathway to freedom) but its not the be all and and end all and its amazing how little you to be fulfilled.

So this year I give myself permission to not give a crap. Party because I have a huge commission that I am working on that needs to be installed mid January and partly because Xmas is such a crap time if year where everyone is burnt out and freaking out anyway and I am not sure I want to engage. Now don't get me wrong, I know this is an essential time of the year for retail and artisans who use it to make up for losses and to cover them selves for the quieter first few months of the year. And I fully support and admire the determination of my creative friends .... I just cant do it ... not this year anyway.

Sky xx

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